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Interviewee Paul Schrader

Paul Schrader

Director and Film Critic

“The crowing cock of individual interpretation: the very bedrock of modern film criticism. In the beginning was Manny Farber.”

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Interviewee Patricia Patterson

Patricia Patterson

Painter and Collaborator

“Manny would show films backwards. He would show them without sound. They are really powerful experiences. You see much, much more. It also cuts out the narrative, so we are not always looking for what’s going to happen next.”

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Interviewee Frenando Trueba

Fernando Trueba


“It’s not that he’s into modern movies – he invented modern movies. If you think about the years he wrote his articles, the modern cinema didn’t exist yet. He starts to write in a modern way about an art that was not.”

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Interviewee Helen Molesworth

Helen Molesworth

Author and Art Curator

“I think there is very much a relationship between Farber’s writing and Farber’s painting. I think he started as an essayist, and I think the paintings are essayistic, and I think he started this idea in the writing, of Termite Art.”

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Interviewee Kent Jones

Kent Jones

Director and Film Critic

“The desire to get it right, to do the work, even if it’s not 100%, two-thumbs-up rave, this-is-the-greatest-thing-since-Citizen-Kane. He describes a movie. That’s hard work! That’s just where criticism should be going.”

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Interviewee Robert Polito

Robert Polito

Poet and Film Critic

“No other film critic has ever written so inventively or flexibly from inside the moment of a movie.”

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Interviewee Serge Tobiana

Serge Toubiana

Writer for Cahiers du Cinéma

“It’s very interesting to compare the two approaches, painting and criticism of cinema. And I think Manny Farber is a very original when mixing these two points of views. We do not have this kind of critique in France.”

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Interviewee Dan Talbot

Dan Talbot

Film Distributor and Author

“Manny started showing up at the theater and was very restless. He often came in the middle of a film, and then come out after 20 min, or the start of the film, leave, and then come back in half an hour. I said who is this creature, who is this character? “

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Interviewee Anne Farber

Anne Farber

Musician and Sister-in-Law

“There was an explosion of rightness when Manny and Patricia got together: interest in each other’s work, respect for each other’s work, love and patience, and excitement about what each is doing.”