Mark Quint

Executive Producer

Quint Gallery was founded by gallery owner, Mark Quint in 1981. Quint Gallery has presented over 250 exhibitions during the gallery’s thirty-four years of business. The gallery has built and inhabited 13 gallery spaces in San Diego, California including locations in BayHo, Mission Hills, Miramar, Downtown and La Jolla, always with a reputation of exhibiting world-class contemporary artwork. In 1990, Quint began a residency program with San Diego collector Michael Krichman, creating Quint-Krichman Projects, which sponsored visual artists from around the globe to visit, work and exhibit in multiple studio spaces; the program closed in 1993. This collaboration was instrumental in the creation of inSite, San Diego and Tijuana’s international art biennial. In 2016 the gallery relocated to a building at 5171 Santa Fe Street. The new industrial gallery space is located in the San Diego neighborhood of BayHo.

The gallery exhibits contemporary art by emerging, mid-career and established artists. The exciting exhibition schedule has kept Quint Gallery on the cutting edge of contemporary art in Southern California, bringing artists from all over the world to San Diego. In recent exhibitions Quint Gallery has covered the newest works by seminal California Light & Space artists, the poetic and nationalistic artworks of artists from Iceland, and emerging young artists on the national art scene. Past exhibitions by well-known artists Mel Bochner, Julian Opie, Roman Opalka, Sol LeWitt, Liza Lou, Robert Irwin, Ryan McGinness and many more have raised the bar for contemporary art exhibited in San Diego.

“It is fair to say that no one has done more than Mark Quint to develop the art scene in San Diego over the past 25 years. It has been an inspiration to follow him and the exhibition program he has consistently presented in gallery spaces all over the city for so many years. The through line has been his impeccable eye, uncompromising intelligence and a fierce loyalty to his artists and his friends. His persistence for the sake of art has vastly improved the cultural climate of our city.”

– Hugh Davies, Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego